Normal is Overrated.

SCANDAL; Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III; Olitz is THE OTP. Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn are perfection.

Was I the only one praying to sweet Jesus that Olivia was going to straddle Fitz on the couch?

I mean I’m not complaining or anything but DAMN that would’ve made all of my fanfic/OTP fantasies come true

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    Straddling him would have been like $20 under your pillow from the damn tooth fairy, GOLD!!!!
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    She couldn’t do that. He had to be in a condition to get up and direct if necessary.
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    LMAO!!! I made this exact comment on another thread yesterday….I thought she was gonna straddle him for sure…....
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    I was really REALLY hoping she would straddle him and slowly slide her fingers through her hair. Then they would gaze at...
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    Yes, me too!
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    I was praying the same damn thing because I’m dying to see her on top!
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    Nope…I was hoping for the samething!
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